Forty Years in Australian Fashion

In 1977, when Brisbane was ‘just a large country town’, a courageous 19-year-old designer launched her first fashion collection which grew to become the iconic, internationally recognised label KERI CRAIG. With her innate sense of style, creative talent and sheer hard work, this Brisbane girl played a pivotal role in introducing Queensland fashion to the world stage.


The glossy photographs between the covers of this book demonstrate an impressive body of work by a sophisticated designer, a visionary, on par with any international brand.


Accolades from well-known fashionistas, politicians and journalists paint the picture of a determined businesswoman.


Enter the world of high fashion with Keri Craig-Lee in this fabulous celebration of her career, her clothes and her way of life…


Keri Craig: The Label, The Lady, The Lifestyle




Available at the Keri Craig Emporium, Brisbane Arcade, 
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